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Professor John Taplin, joint founder of the ATRF and distinguished Australian transport economist, died on 17 March 2019, aged 88.

A brief outline of John's achievements.


The 42nd Australasian Transport Research Forum will be held in Brisbane during November 2020. The Call for Papers is now open and we encourage you and your colleagues to submit papers under the following themes.

  1. Resources and the environment
  2. Freight and logistics
  3. Air maritime and tourism
  4. Rural and regional travel
  5. Economics and finance
  6. Law and regulation
  7. Transport history
  8. Sociology and policy
  9. Transport safety
  10. Design and maintenance of roads, rail, pavements and structures
  11. Transport operations
  12. New technologies
  13. Planning and urbanism
  14. Active transport and micromobility
  15. Public transport
  16. Surveys and big data
  17. Transport modelling

More details, such as submission dates and templates, will be published on this website shortly.


The Professional Practice Paper Prize for the author(s) of the best Professional Practice paper at the conference was awarded to Patrick Tsai for his paper on “Valuing Walking Amenity Benefits for Placemaking Projects.”

The Contemporary Research Paper Prize for the author(s) adjudged to have delivered the best Contemporary Research paper at the conference was awarded to Brook Shiferaw, Jennifer Cori, Luke Downey, Jonny Kuo, Mike Lenne, Shamsi Soleimanloo, Tracey Sletten, Shanthakumar Rajaratnam and Mark Howard for their paper on “Fatigue among heavy vehicle drivers: the impact of shift-start times and time of day”.

The David Willis Prize for the best student paper at the conference was awarded to Matthew John Richards and Jan Christoph Zill for their paper on “Modelling mode choice with machine learning algorithms.”

The J H Taplin Prize for the best paper at the conference was presented to Mark Harvey for his paper on “The role of distance decay in estimating wider economic benefits from agglomeration”.