42nd ATRF Call for papers

The ATRF Executive Committee and the ATRF 2021 Local Organising Committee are pleased to announce that the 42nd Australasian Transport Research Forum will be held at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane on 8-10 December 2021.

ATRF has become a premier Transport Research forum in Australasia that seeks to maintain open dialogue among transport researchers, policymakers, advisors and practitioners, stimulating debate and forward-looking considerations of transport research across a wide range of subject areas.

Call for Papers

This year’s Call for Papers invites submission of Research Papers, Professional Practice Papers, and Extended Abstracts, as follows:

  • The ‘Research Paper’ stream is designed primarily for academics and professional researchers who want their work fully peer-reviewed. Two reviewers will evaluate these papers based on the range of criteria commonly applied to scientific research works, particularly the extent to which the paper advances knowledge in the field or contributes to new fields.
  • The ‘Professional Practice Paper’ stream is designed primarily for practitioners from government and the private sector. These papers are required to provide an insightful description of rigorous professional work associated with the administration, planning, design or operation of the transport system and the economic, social and environmental impacts of investments in transport infrastructure. Two reviewers will assess these papers from the perspective of their contribution to professional practice and government policy. Papers are expected to have relevance beyond the jurisdiction or organisation where the work was undertaken and authors are encouraged to demonstrate the broader implications of their work. Papers must be free from obvious advertising or self-promotion.
  • The ‘Extended Abstract’ is designed primarily for academics who want to engage with the audience on their work, receiving feedback to assist with the preparation of a full paper for archival journals. The extended abstracts will include the same sections as a full paper, without the details of a literature review or complete results and discussion. The abstracts will be reviewed with the same rigour applied to ‘Research Papers’ and ‘Professional Practice Papers’.

Papers may be submitted via the EasyChair system. The paper submission templates are also available through the EasyChair submission platform.

Topic Areas/Tracks

Due to the need to respond in novel ways to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing realisation of the urgent need to give more attention to addressing climate change 2020 was pivotal in causing a major paradigm shift in the context in which we were operating in the past. Hence the ATRF 2021 conference is designed to cover a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  1. Traffic modelling, forecasting & simulation
  2. Transport analysis & big data
  3. Social, economic, and environmental effects of transport (climate change, air quality, and green/sustainable solutions)
  4. Active transport (cycling, walking, e-transport, etc.)
  5. Public transport
  6. Transport & land use / urban design
  7. Transport economics, funding, pricing and appraisal
  8. Aviation / Maritime transport and business continuity management
  9. New vehicle technologies and innovative services (ITS connected and autonomous vehicles, MaaS, on-demand transport, e-scooters/e-bicycles, etc.)
  10. Planning and policy development for ‘smart cities’
  11. Travel behaviour change & demand management
  12. Traffic engineering, control & management
  13. Freight & logistics, e-commerce, online retailing and supply chain resilience
  14. Transport safety and security
  15. Transport history
  16. COVID-19 implications to transport and societal responses to the pandemic (including scenario planning and analysis and crisis management)

Key Dates

Papers accepted beginning 01/05/2021
Papers submission deadline 25/07/2021
Latest response to authors on acceptance (including feedback from reviewers) 30/08/2021
Completed revised papers due 27/09/2021
Final approval papers 11/10/2021
Program finalised; full conference registration due 17/11/2021
Conference 08-10/12/2021

In 2021, ATRF will feature the awarding of the inaugural David Hensher prize for the best Transport Modelling paper, in addition to the long-standing John Taplin and David Willis awards.

Authors should note that all papers (‘Research Papers’ or ‘Professional Practice Papers’) and the ‘Extended Abstracts’ need to be submitted by the 25th of July 2021, regardless of the streams/tracks.

For further information, please consult this site. A conference website is currently being established and once operational, a link will be made available. The conference website will provide further details about the paper submission and peer review process, conference registration, venue and accommodation, and also a link to the EasyChair conference management system, used for submission and management of the papers.

Please note that you must be registered in order to present a paper at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane in December 2021!